Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)

Advanced Course in SS 2015

Credits:6 ECTS
Instructors: Prof. Dr. Matteo Maffei and Dr. Aniket Kate
Teaching Assistants: Pedro Moreno-Sanchez and Giulio Malavolta
Lecture Time: Monday 10:00 to 12:00
Lecture Room: Building E1.3, room 0.03
Tutorial Time: Friday 14:00 to 16:00
Tutorial Room: Building E1.3, room 0.02
Instruction Language: English
Contact Email:


Privacy is a fundamental human right and privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) help to support this right. In light of worldwide electronic data protection laws, PETs play a fundamental role in the design and development of information systems.

This advanced course focuses on the theoretical as well as practical aspects of PETs, such as

  • Anonymous communication networks
  • Censorship circumvention techniques
  • Differential privacy
  • Private information retrieval
  • Oblivious protocols
  • Privacy in online advertising and web statistics
  • Privacy in cloud computing
  • Electronic voting
  • Zero knowledge proofs and privacy-preserving credentials
  • Practical secure multiparty computation


Note that this will be an advanced course and we expect some background in cryptography and security. It would be ideal if you have done a cryptography and/or security at Saarland University or during your previous studies somewhere else. Motivated students without this background are also welcome to the course. However, we would expect some more spirited efforts from you.

Expected Course Schedule

127/04/2015Course Introduction; Anonymous Communication01/05/2015Public Holiday (Labour Day)
204/05/2015Crypto Basis & Self Assesment08/05/2015Censorship Circumvention
311/05/2015Tutorial15/05/2015Anonymous Credentials (1)
525/05/2015Public Holiday (Whit Monday)29/05/2015Anonymous Credentials (2)
601/06/2015Anonymous Credentials (3)05/06/2015Tutorial
708/06/2015Differential Privacy (1)12/06/2015Tutorial
815/06/2015Differential Privacy (2)19/06/2015Quiz 1; Tutorial
922/06/2015Differential Privacy (3)26/06/2015Tutorial
1029/06/2015Private Information Retrieval03/07/2015Tutorial
1106/07/2015Oblivious Computing10/07/2015Tutorial
1320/07/2015E-cash and Bitcoin24/07/2015Quiz 2; Tutorial
1427/07/2015Revision31/07/2015Final Exam


Students should register for the course through the HISPOS system. In addition, we will be using Piazza to publish lecture notes and assignments as well as for class discussion. Therefore, students should also register in Piazza for the course here. Please let us now if you face any problem with registration.