Graduate Students (Research Immersion Lab)

  • Niklas Grimm (co-supervised with Matteo Maffei)
    Topic: Anonymity and Differential Privacy
  • Muhammad Bilal Zafar
    Topic: Payment Networks

Master Thesis Student

  • Simon Heinzel
    Topic: Lattice-based cryptographic constructions
  • Uzair Mahmood
    Topic: Ensuring integrity for online recommendation systems


  • Constantin Berhard, Research Immersion Lab
    Topic: Censorship resistant communication over video calls
  • Iulia Bolosteanu, HiWi
    Topic: Formalizing censorship resistant communication
  • Satrajit Ghosh, Research Immersion Lab
    Topic: Lattice-based constructions for onion routing
  • Niklas Grimm, Bachelor Thesis (co-supervised with Michael Backes)
    Topic: Data Lineage in the Malicious Environment
  • Ivan Pryvalov, Master Thesis
    Topic: Password Authentication and Threshold Cryptography