Future Offering

In the semester Summer 2015, we will offer and advance course.
  • Advanced Course: Privacy Enhancing Technologies

    [Course Webpage]
    Privacy is a fundamental human right and privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) help to support this right. In light of worldwide electronic data protection laws, PETs play a fundamental role in the design and development of information systems.

Current Offering

In the Winter 2014/15 semester, we will offer an advance course.
  • Advanced Course: Applied Cryptography

    [Course Webpage]
    There is a large gap between theory and practice of cryptography today. In this lecture, we will address some of pressing issues with cryptography in real world. We will start our discussion with theoretical cryptographic basics, visit cryptographic protocols, and finish by engineering and analyzing real-world cryptographic instantiations. Please register for the course or feel free to attend our meetings and actively participate in our discussions.

Past Offerings

  • Summer 2014: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (Advanced Course)
    [Course Webpage]
  • Summer 2014: Practical Cryptographic Systems (Seminar)
    [Course Webpage]
  • Summer 2013: Privacy Enhancing Technologies (Advanced Course)
    [Course Webpage]
  • Winter 2012/13: Practical Cryptographic Systems (Seminar)
    [Course Webpage]